About Us

Cardmaking Online is an online only Australian business - by not having a retail store, we avoid significant costs such as rent and electricity which enables us to bring you quality products at the lowest possible prices.

Obviously there are some limitations with not having a physical presence where you can touch and feel our products or speak face to face with a sales person, so we attempt to overcome these issues by striving to provide outstanding customer service through prompt email responses, accurate images and product specifications and speedy turnaround on orders.

You will note that although we list our phone number, as a streamlining procedure we prefer email as the most efficient method of dealing with most enquiries. Should your enquiry be of a more detailed nature, please don't hesitate to send us your contact number and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

We are an online business and all orders are mailed - NO PICKUPS OR DROP IN'S (shoppers) are allowed at our business premises - sorry NO EXCEPTONS!


 Cardmaking Online

Wyee NSW 2259


ABN: 14 797 119 295


Email: cardmakingonline@outlook.com